“Cruelty Free Beauty” The Symposium on Cosmetic Animal Testing



March 10 2013 (Sun)

The story:

EU has phased out cosmetic animal testing since 2004, and by the deadline of 3.11.2013, will put a total ban on all cosmetic animal testing, including the tests that were an exception to the previous phaseout.

Pressured by the rising concerns of compassionate consumers in Japan, Shiseido, Japan’s biggest cosmetic company closed down their animal laboratory in March 2011, are now preparing for a total ban on cosmetic animal testing, including requesting the test from the third parties’ lab.

We see this coming March to be a turning point, a great chance to bring attention to this issue more than ever.

This opportunity has brought three of Japanese animal rights groups who have worked against animal testing together for one project :
“Cruelty Free Beauty” ,
a symposium that is aimed to educate Japanese consumers.




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>PEACE stands for “Put an End to Animal Cruelty and Exploitation”.

PEACE stands for “Put an End to Animal Cruelty and Exploitation”.

PEACE campaign to raise awareness of the terrible animal suffering and exploitation taking place behind the scenes in out modern, convenient and comfortable world.